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    Residential Pest control

    Industrial Pest Control

    Pest control isn’t just about eliminating the pests you can see; it’s about the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected. Whether you have ants, spiders, roaches, mice or mosquitoes, we’ve got you covered with a customized plan. Check out our most popular residential service:

    We understand pests have no place on your site.

    Multiple entry points make storage facilities and industrial sites inherently vulnerable to pests, a problem exacerbated by continuous deliveries and storage of merchandise, frequent opening and closing of doors and structural defects.

    We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to pests. We’ll provide robust control solutions suited to your individual site, and apply our expert knowledge to helping you keep pests out of your buildings and away from your site.


    Proactive pest control is important for hotels not only because of their vulnerability to pest threats, but also because of the impact they can have on the reputation of your hotel. Complaints from hotel guests, guest dissatisfaction, potential spread of diseases and food contamination etc. Education and training can be provided to help value add the housekeeping team in maintaining good sanitation and hygiene standards.

    Your Goal is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure it!

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      Soon you will find here some useful products for your home to support you in more effective Pest Control.

      Electric Insect Killer (Bat)
      New Arrivals
      99.00 L.E.


      Type: Bat

      Suitable For: Indoor

      Material: plastic

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      Who we are                                                               

        GERMAN PEST SERVICE is a professionell licensed Pest Control Company that has been serving the Egyptian market area for years. We are dedicated to serve and meet your Pest Control needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.

        Additionally we are a Ministry of Health licensed disinfection provider.

        Using our national disinfection expertise and specialized experience in healthcare facilities, we are prepared to handle the unique needs that this pandemic has created. Our cleaning experts are essential – they are the front line of infection prevention.

        WHY CHOOSE US?

        German Pest Service offers a full range of environmentally friendly  Pest Control Services for Hotels and Resorts, Private Properties, Flats, Pest Service for Compounds. We work according to Audit requirements of Preverisk and the Regulations of the Ministry of Health Egypt . Our Service includes industrial Pest Control for any size of Factory including Food processing Factories, as well . 


        is performed by professional trained and licensed Pest Control Technicians and Engineers. We use only Ministry of Health approved Products.

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            is performed by professional trained and licensed Pest Control Technicians and Engineers. We use only Ministry of Health approved Products.

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