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German Pest Service confirms, to work with greatest care and consistently.according to above mentioned. Our staffs are trained to this philosophy and work under our guidance.

Our Offer

German Pest Service offers an environmentally friendly pest control services which includes Hotels, Resorts, private villas, flats, Medical facilities, Malls, Airports pest service for compounds, Boats etc. performed by professional trained technicians and in accordance with country and state approved pesticide guidelines in Egypt (MOH Ministry of Health http://www.mohp.gov.eg/default.aspx). Notice: German Pest Service is the only Ministry of Health licensed Pest Service Company headquartered in the Red Sea.


Highest Quality in Time

German Pest Service use German high quality and Egyptian pesticides of the newest technologies to eliminate pests and with longer lasting and quick effects.

Professional Support

Every structure in your area will probably need pest services in order to maintain a sustainability of effectiveness and/or avoid any further sources of infestation. We at GPS would be pleased to support you with the most eco-friendly, safe and efficient services in Egypt.

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Price: $260.00 - $180.00

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Price: $320.00 - $240.00

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Price: $480.00 - $340.00

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Price: $260.00 - $140.00

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Price: $400.00 - $260.00

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Price: $470.00 - $330.00

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Price: $680.00 - $480.00

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Price: $820.00 - $660.00


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